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Historical Kids Costumes - Check our impressive selection of historical costumes for kids. Browse a collection of costumes to relive historic events such Cowboy Costumes, Kids Renaissance Costumes, Kids Colonial and Pilgrim Costumes Costumes, Indian Costumes, Kids Greek Costumes and many more.

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Cowboy Kids Costumes
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Egyptian Kids Costumes
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Indian Kids Costumes
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Renaissance Kids Costumes


Are your children History Buffs? Are they obsessed with historic subjects such as the first Thanksgiving, The United States’ Revolutionary War, The Civil War or the Declaration of independence? If they are, then you are lucky, you child probably does great in school. But even if they don’t, there are still important reasons why your children may want to wear a historic costume associated with all these topics.

In school, they may be asked to Re-enact a famous speech from a classic historical figure or to participate in the school recital about the Pilgrims arriving for the first time at the New World. Colonial costumes share a rich history with our own country. Pilgrim costumes and Indian Costumes are perfect for that Thanksgiving play. With these costumes you children can represent our strong leaders like the Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and other historical figures. Other patriotic figures include Uncle Sam Costume, Betsy Ross Costume and Martha Washington Costume. Don’t stop that the history if the U.S. Take it back even further with Egyptian, Greek and Roman themed costumes to represent the old world.

If you don’t need an entire costume, you may still appreciate historical kits for your occasion. Put together outfits and accessories that make you look like a classic peasant. You don’t have to dress up as a famous figure to represent the Colonial times or even the medieval age. Try other funny presidents’ masks like the Obama pumpkin mask, Governator mask, Clinton zombie mask and more!