Egyptian Kids Costumes

Egyptian Kids Costumes - Classic Egyptian costumes for kids in all styles and sizes. Pharaoh costumes, Mummy Costumes and Cleopatra costumes for Halloween and Egyptian Theme Parties.

The Ancient Egyptians were well known for their intricate fashion, jewelry and make-up. Their beautiful Egyptian Costumes and elaborate style have captured our attention and imagination. The real life of Egyptian Royalty was like something out of a Fairy Tale. That is why your child will love dressing up in the most wonderful Egyptian Costumes featuring the great leaders of the Nile.

You can choose one of these Historic Costumes for your child for Halloween this year! The simple elegant white gown and elaborate gold accents of a Cleopatra Costume is perfect for girls with a high sense of fashion; Cleopatra was know for her strength an for her exquisite taste in clothes and style. Boys can rule the world in an Egyptian Pharaoh Costume; they can become the great King Tut and bring back a piece of history. For those who delight in classic fright on Halloween night, the Ancient Egyptians had a darker side too. The great pyramids were raised as tombs for the exalted dead and in the subterranean labyrinth lay their embalmed royalty, loaded down with treasure and curses to protect them from being disturbed. This terrifying Classic Costume is tons of frightening fun. Just be careful you don’t awake the Mummy’s curse!

Your kids will have a blast with these beautiful (or Creepy Mummy) Costumes. Let them roam the neighborhoods on Halloween disguised with history. They can also make a star appearance at school play or recital. These costumes prove that history can be cool and stylish.