Scary Kids Costumes

Scary Kids Costumes. Have a creepy Halloween with one of these classic scary Costumes for kids. Find costumes featuring some of the most notorious and frightening characters for boys and girls. Page 10.

Zombie Girl Costume includes pink pajama jumpsuit with bloody looking slash marks, matching booties and headless bear
Gothic Rag Doll Costume includes black and white dress with skull designs, white apron, black bloomers with white laced hem ...
Gruesome Giggles Costume includes a Hoodie featuring graphic tear, dripping paint and bloody flower
Gothic Rag Doll Costume includes a black and white gingham dress with an attached black apron, and a pair of red and black ...

Bad Spirit Costume includes cheerleading top with glitter skull and crossbones, black and white pleated skirt, vinyl socks, ...
Gothic Ballerina Costume includes white dress with sheer overlay detailing at skirt and bust, matching black and white arm ...
Complete any Vampire Costume with these veneers
Complete any Werewolf or Animal Costume! These yellowed fanged teeth are soft, flexible, and easy to wear

Mummy Costume includes cream colored tattered mummy jumpsuit with wrap around design and hood
Skelebones Costume Green includes black hooded jumpsuit with Green 3D bones, happy skeleton mask, matching boot tops and ...
Heartbreak Rocker Costume includes a black dress with an attached gold shirt with faux tattoos and bloody details, and a ...
Hard Rock Costume includes a blue mask with veins, dead-looking teeth, and big yellow eyes, a blue collared shirt with an ...

Boney Ballerina Costume includes a pink/black dress with tutu and bony graphic, leggings and skull headpiece
Evil Warlock Costume includes, a long 'leather look' robe with sewn embellishments, cowl with attached hood
Dark Bride Costume includes, a elegant long dress, arm gauntlets and dark bridal veil
Vampirina Costume includes a Wicked red and black mini dress featuring lace along the bodice and spaghetti shoulder straps ...

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