Pirate Kids Costumes

Pirate Kids Costumes - Classic Pirate costumes at discounted prices. Traditional Pirate Costumes for kids birthday parties, costume parties or Halloween. Available for boys and girls.

Costume Includes: a jacket, a shirt, a hat, head tie, waist sash, a belt and a parrot
Girls Maiden Pirate Costume includes a dress, a belt, a buckle, head tie, and a hat
Teen Girls Rebel Pirate Costume includes shirt with vest, belt, leggings, shoe covers, and bandanna
Toddler Girls Red Tutu Pirate Costume includes top with vest, tutu skirt, and bandanna

Girls Pirate Costume includes top, pants, sash, and hat
The Boys Captain Jack Sparrow Costume brings a tunic with attached jacket, faux fur tail and sash and two belts that have ...
The Boys Pirate Captain Costume brings a hat, jacket and belt
The Boys Captain Jack Sparrow Costume brings a tunic with attached jacket, faux fur tail and sash and two belts that have ...

The Baby Girls Jack Sparrow Toddler Costume brings a tutu styled dress and hat
The Boys Sea Pirate Costume brings a shirt, pants, head tie, waist tie, belt with buckle and boot tops
The Renegade Pirate Girls Costume brings a shirt with attached vest, headband, waist sash, belt and boot tops
The Pirate Captain Deluxe Boys Costume brings a jacket with attached vest, dickey, hat, boot covers and head tie

The Buccaneer Pirate Baby Boys Costume brings a jumpsuit, hat and parrot rattle
The Precocious Pirate Baby Girls Costume brings a dress, hat and corset
The Dark Pirate Girls Tween Outfit brings a dress, belt, boot covers and hat
The Captain Jake And The Neverland Pirates Little Boys Toddler Costume comes with a jumpsuit with attached jacket, and belt, ...

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Yarrrrgh! Ahoy Mateys! Your kids will have the time of their lives pretending to be an old sea dog in one of these traditional Pirate Costumes. Pirates were not known for being good people but today they are definitely known for having an almost comedic manner of speaking, a flamboyant way of dressing and very eccentric behavior that makes them the ideal characters when you want to completely step outside of your own character.

In the old colonial days, Pirates use to hunt down cargo ships out at sea with the goal of looting, stealing the goods and capturing the ship crew for their own use. They traveled in ships stolen from previous victims and they hung up very distinguishable skull and cross bone flags. Pirates terrorized sea travelers because they were unpredictable and had not remorse for their horrific actions. Examples of this type of pirate can be seen in movies like Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean. This makes them a perfectly scary option for a Halloween costumes. One of the most popular pirates of these times was Captain Blackbeard. It is believed that the traditional evil Pirate leaders depicted in movies and cartoons are based off Blackbeard’s real life persona.

Today, the classic Pirate is no longer a threat with the exception of a few isolated incidents. Children love to wear Pirate costumes to represent one of the most interesting lifestyles of the colonial days. From the way they spoke to the way they dressed, Pirates created one of the most popular choices for Halloween Costumes for modern times.

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