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Funny Kids Costumes - Bringing you Funny Halloween costumes, clown costumes banana costumes and many more laughs for any occasion including Halloween for boys and girls.

Traveling Circus Clown Teen Girls Costume includes dress, collar, mini hat headband, glovettes, and knee highs
The Girls Circus Clown Costume brings a dress, mitts, footless tights and a hat
Your Little Boy will jump around amusing crowds in a Junior Jester Costume consisting of a colorful Jumpsuit, Head Piece ...
Cleaver the Clown Kids Costume includes a black and green hooded robe and a scary clown mask

Cuddly Clown Baby Costume includes an amazing colorful lined zipper jumpsuit with orange long sleeve ad attached suspenders ...
Bobo Clown Kids Costume includes a colorful shirt with pom pom buttons and a pair of matching pants
Clown Boy Kids Costume includes clown fabric hat and colorful clown jumpsuit with attached yellow pom poms
Killer Clown Kids Costume includes black and red jumpsuit, collar stained with faux blood and clown mask with black hair

Harlequin Honey Costume includes a petticoat and a black hat with a pink ribbon
The perfect finishing touch to your Funny Costume! This Costume accessory features 15 inch polka dot bow tie with elastic ...
Add this vibrant wig to your clown costume! The Rainbow Clown Wig - Child Wig features an afro wig with bright shades of ...
Striped Clown Overalls Costume includes overalls with suspenders

Spanky Stripes Clown Costume includes a Super bright colored clown suit
Spanky Stripes Female Clown Costume includes a bright and colorful short sleeve dress with pom pom front, matching knickers ...
Baby Bobo Clown Costume includes colorful Shirt with ruffled collar, pants and cone clown hat with pom pom
Hoopy the Clown Costume includes blue and red hat with yellow flower print, red and yellow striped top with attached yellow ...

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Everyone loves a kid with a good sense of humor. Sometimes it is hereditary and other times they come up with the strangest things and parents have not idea who they taken after. The good thing is that there is nothing wrong with a kid who can cause a good laugh, they make people happy and laughter is therapeutic. If you kid wants to make people laugh, help them by getting in a hilarious costume. Funny costumes for kids can anything from a downright clown to a more thoughtful hot dog in the bun costume. They may even want to represent a famous comedic character such as Sponge Bob Square Pants of Mr. Potato Head. These characters can always get a good response from your child’s audience.

Good humor produces positive thoughts and those thoughts translate into actions that later become the keys to an emotionally, financially, and socially successful life. Everyone wants the best life possible for their children and any hint that they show at a natural talent can be expanded into full blown genius. If your child has a knack for making people laugh, encourage them and help them develop this gift. A Funny Costume is a good way to start. Someday they may become famous comedians and they will thank you for the support you offered. Parents often misinterpret comedy for mischief so they try to restrict their kids and in turn they keep them from fulfilling their talent. Don’t make this mistake, help your kids channel their creative energy in a positive manner and support what could become their future. At he very least, help then have a Hilarious Halloween!

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