Baby Costumes

Baby Costumes - Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes for your infant child. Find Baby Costumes and Bunting Costumes for boys and girls. A nice selection of plush costumes for your little ones like Little Bees, Cuddly Animal & Pet Costumes, Superhero costumes, Disney Costumes and more.

Of all the forest creatures, none can be as cute as the baby fox! This outfit is a full onesie suite with a hood and shoe ...
This Adorable Baby Donkey Toddler/Child Costume is a full onesie suite with various hues of grey in a swirling plush material
The Cheshire Cat Baby Boy Alice In Wonderland Costume brings a jumpsuit, headpiece, mittens and tail
Kit Includes three pair of toddler slippers: one pair of Princess Belle slippers, one pair of Princess Aurora slippers, and ...

Kit Includes two costumes, one Paw Patrol Marshall Toddler Costume and one Paw Patrol Chase Toddler Costume
Costume Includes dress with an attached coat, pants, and a headband
The Disney Belle Baby Girls Costume Deluxe brings a dress and headband
The Spunky Triceretops Little Boys Costume brings a hood and a jumpsuit with attached hands for maximum mobility along with ...

The Buccaneer Pirate Baby Boys Costume brings a jumpsuit, hat and parrot rattle
The First Fireman Baby Boy Costume brings a jumpsuit and hat
The Finding Dory Baby Girl Costume includes a jumpsuit with detachable tail and headpiece
The Strawberry Shortcake Full Toddler Girls Costume Set includes a dress, headband with attached bow, striped stockings and ...

The Cuddly Piglet Baby Girl Diaper Outfit Set brings booties, hat, piglet face, diaper cover and tail
The Roger the Rocket Ship Baby Boy Bunting Costume brings a hat with a knit swaddle
The Case The Caterpillar Baby Boy Infant Bunting Costume brings a knit swaddle and a hat
The Anne Geddes Sea Turtle Infant Baby Boy Costume brings a jumpsuit and detachable shell

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Babies, how adorable can they be? For the first few years of human life, babies are subjected to a very special type of treatment. It is almost certain that if babies could talk, they would describe the experience as overwhelming and intense. Think about it: you are suddenly introduced to the world; you are seeing people for the first time ever and all of them want to grab your cheeks, pat your head, talk to you in high pitched screeching voices and they put their lips all over your face while making more screeching high pitch sounds. Being a baby is tough, but as a parent, you are proud of all the attention your baby gets and you will take any chance to show your baby off. One of the best ways to do this is with a delightful and adorable baby, toddler, or bunting costume!

Babies look extremely adorable in costumes and in reality this is the stage when parents will have the best opportunity to dress their kids in any way they want without much resistance; and by any way, we mean ANY WAY! Babies don’t know the difference between regular clothes and costumes and they don’t have obvious preferences for characters like toddlers and big kids so as a parent, feel free to have all the fun you want. Dress them up as a piece of bacon with a hilarious Bacon Bunting Baby Costume or disguise them as a pea in the pod for a healthier option. There are all types of cute costumes for the most lovable babies. Dress them up like Sharks, Owls, Frogs, Puppies, Spiders, Piggies and many other animals. There are Superhero Costumes, T.V characters, foods, popular professions and much more.

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