Baby Costumes

Baby Costumes - Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes for your infant child. Find Baby Costumes and Bunting Costumes for boys and girls. A nice selection of plush costumes for your little ones like Little Bees, Cuddly Animal & Pet Costumes, Superhero costumes, Disney Costumes and more.

Toddler Girls Punk Bat Princess Costume includes a dress with capelet wings, and a headband
My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Toddler Girls Costume includes dress and headband with ears and attached hair extension
My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Toddler Girls Costume includes dress, and headband with attached ears and hair extension
Cars Cruz Toddler Girls Costume includes dress

Potted Young Groot Baby Boys Costume includes body and flower pot tunic
Princess Bunny Infant Costume includes dress and headband
Baby Candy Corn Monster Costume includes bodysuit with faux fur belly, hood, and booties
A Christmas Story Toddler Pink Bunny Costume includes jumpsuit, mittens, head piece, and shoe covers

Infant Girls Cuddly Piglet Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Cuddly Teddy Bear Infant Boys Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Smelly Skunk Infant Boys Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Baby Boys Great White Shark Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece

Baby Boys Puppy Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Little Mister Puppy Infant Boys Costume includes jumpsuit, shoe covers, headpiece, and collar
Little Miss Kitty Baby Girls Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Toddler Girls Red Tutu Pirate Costume includes top with vest, tutu skirt, and bandanna

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Babies, how adorable can they be? For the first few years of human life, babies are subjected to a very special type of treatment. It is almost certain that if babies could talk, they would describe the experience as overwhelming and intense. Think about it: you are suddenly introduced to the world; you are seeing people for the first time ever and all of them want to grab your cheeks, pat your head, talk to you in high pitched screeching voices and they put their lips all over your face while making more screeching high pitch sounds. Being a baby is tough, but as a parent, you are proud of all the attention your baby gets and you will take any chance to show your baby off. One of the best ways to do this is with a delightful and adorable baby, toddler, or bunting costume!

Babies look extremely adorable in costumes and in reality this is the stage when parents will have the best opportunity to dress their kids in any way they want without much resistance; and by any way, we mean ANY WAY! Babies don’t know the difference between regular clothes and costumes and they don’t have obvious preferences for characters like toddlers and big kids so as a parent, feel free to have all the fun you want. Dress them up as a piece of bacon with a hilarious Bacon Bunting Baby Costume or disguise them as a pea in the pod for a healthier option. There are all types of cute costumes for the most lovable babies. Dress them up like Sharks, Owls, Frogs, Puppies, Spiders, Piggies and many other animals. There are Superhero Costumes, T.V characters, foods, popular professions and much more.

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