Animal Kids Costumes

Animal Kids Costumes - All your kids' favorite animal costumes are here. Popular Zoo Animal costumes as well as domesticated creatures and bugs. These are perfect Halloween costumes for boys and girls.

Teen Girls Sneaky Raccoon Costume includes dress, hood, eye mask, and tights
Infant Girls Bunny Costume includes bodysuit and headpiece
Baby Boys Puppy Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
Little Mister Puppy Infant Boys Costume includes jumpsuit, shoe covers, headpiece, and collar

Little Miss Kitty Baby Girls Costume includes jumpsuit and headpiece
The Boys Shark Costume includes over the head tunic with attached fin and face opening
Gray Shark Baby Boys Costume in cludes one poly foam tunic with dorsal fin and tail fin

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T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Boys Costume includes inflatable T rex and fan

Toddler Peppa Pig Dress Costume includes dress with attached hood
Toddler Peppa Pig Dress Includes dress, with attached hood
The Boys Sloth Costume brings full body jumpsuit with a long torso, headpiece, short legs and extra long arms
The Toddler Boys Walrus Costume brings a tunic, tail and headpiece

The Toddler Boys Turtle Costume brings a tunic, headpiece, gloves and tail
The Boys Toddler Penguin Costume brings a jumpsuit costume and shoe covers
Pink Bunny Suit Toddler Girls Costume includes bunny suit
Hammerhead Shark Toddler Boys Costume includes tunic

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Children’s fascination with Animals is fascinating in itself. Seeing how children play as their favorite animals and give them human characteristics is very entertaining. This interest kids develop in the Animals Kingdom makes the learning process much easier than other subjects that kids may not find so amusing. When kids dress up in Animal Costumes for playtime, they get a much better understanding of the roles that different creatures play in the Nature.

Famous children’s movies featuring Animals as main characters have done great job at explaining nature. Kids learn about the food chain or as Disney’s the Lion King pinned it, “The Circle of Life”; they learn about how creatures evolve along with the earth in movies such as the Ice Age Features, they learn about the Abyss from movies like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid and so on. Disney and other major animation studios released plenty of entertaining yet educational movies like Dumbo, Bambi, Happy Feet, Antz, Chicken Run, Chicken Little, Ratatouille and too many others to mention. You will be happy to find a costume to represent almost every character in these films loved by children.

Dress up your child in an Animal Costume to represent any species from Sea Life, Avian, Rodents, Insects, Mammals, Reptiles, you name it, you’ll find it. Animal costumes make for a great educational playtime, perfect for school plays and recitals or for Halloween fun! Kids don’t always have to be creepy ghouls or monsters for Halloween; they can become a legitimate beast from the wild.

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